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    How to Increase Brand Awareness by Having Your Followers Share Your Posts

    Whether you have a personal brand or are in charge of the Instagram account of a renowned business, the one thing that you probably want after increased numbers of Instagram followers is high traffic and traction. And what better way than having your customers do your job for you?

    Word of mouth in today’s day and age has taken an interesting new twist. Today, most people are more interested in reviews of previous customers than anything that the brand or business has to say, which is why it is imperative for you to ensure that your customers are also sharing your posts and writing reviews on Instagram. Your focus, therefore, should be to connect and engage with your audience in such a way that they help you create a positive image for your brand.

    Here, we’ll tell you how to create an Instagram strategy that promotes customer engagement and post sharing.

    Incorporate Branded Hashtags

    While you’re probably already aware of the benefits of using hashtags, creating a branded hashtag is equally important. Whether this branded hashtag is based on the locations that you target or is more related to the brand itself, it is important to create a hashtag that is relatable for your customers and Instagram followers.

    Promote the Use of Your Branded Hashtags

    Whether you’re running competitions on Instagram or inviting customers to share pictures of products or receipts to avail discounts, promoting the use of your branded hashtags and encouraging your audiences to share their experiences with your brand or business is a great way to get the traction that you deserve. Additionally, you could also encourage your audiences or Instagram followers to review your product or service in their stories using your branded hashtag for increased awareness.


    In addition to promoting the use of your hashtags, these tactics also give your target audience the impression that increasing numbers of people are satisfied with your products or services, hence attracting larger numbers of people to sign up for what you have to offer.

    Advertising Spend

    When you have an Instagram Business Account, you have a multitude of options when it comes to advertising. One of the most important of these is playing around with your advertising spend. When supported by user-generated content and hashtags of your brand, the likelihood of your brand or business reaching out to entirely new audiences increases considerably.


    One of the most interesting examples of user-generated content and posts shared by customers on Instagram was the case of the ‘Share A Coke’ campaign by Coca Cola. The number of posts made in the United States alone were so high that a 2% increase in sales was reported.


    While getting your audience’s or customers to share your posts is always challenging regardless of your target audience or the industry that you are based in, the results of doing so are profound. Countless brands across the world make use of these very techniques to ensure that their content does not only reach greater audiences, but also that increasing numbers of people continue promoting their products or services through posts on Instagram and other social media platforms. When combined with a foolproof branding strategy, encouraging your customers and target audiences to share your posts and review your products or services online can provide you with multiple opportunities for growth, and results the likes of which have never been seen before.

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