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    Basics of Revenue Recognition Audits

    Revenue Recognition accounting is a procedure that depicts how sales transactions are recorded by a company in financial statements. While recording revenue, companies are mandated to adhere to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). According to GAAP, in order to book a purchase as revenue, the revenue must certanly be recognized initially. Consequently, for a revenue to obtain recognized, it ought to be Earned and Realizable Revenue.

    It reviews the accounting techniques of revenue recognition which can be adopted by a company. This audit thus assures that the recorded information is compliant with National Accounting Standards which stand mandatory for a firm.

    Revenue Recognition Audit procedures:

    For an effective Revenue Recognition Auditing process, Planning is a key element. This method thus initiates with analyses of revenue recognition policies and techniques of a company. Thus ensuring the company’s compliance with the desired audit procedures. After satisfying their doubts, the auditing concerns the next level that involves the analyses of contracts of that year. Material Contracts are then separated from the lot. Auditors invest their time and energy to test whether those contracts are recognized aptly. Along with this particular, they ensure that the financial statement contains receivable and deferred accounts. Besides reviewing the Material Contracts, auditors also pay heed to one which is not material to ensure even they recognize the revenue aptly.

    Important Areas of Revenue Recognition Audit:

    Reviewing General Ledger:

    When an Auditor/Accountant analyzes a General Ledger it provides them with lots of substantive evidence and thus initiates lesser procedural tests. General Ledger is reviewed to possess knowledge as to how the sales are recorded in that specific firm. The info that concerns Revenue Recognition Audit includes the sold goods, the date when it had been delivered and the mode of payment used to do so. It ensures that General Ledger is in respect with the particular sale transactions of the firm. While auditing, even the Revenue Recognition Policies of an organization can also be considered.

    Analysing the Financial Statements:

    For a detailed breakdown of the company’s finances, auditors consider financial statement of an organization. Then the comparison follows between General Ledger and the statement deduced, to consider dissimilarity that exists. Auditors are well acknowledged in regards to the significance of financial statement; because the stakeholders evaluate a strong by the information supplied by that.

    Combating Risks in Receivable Accounts:

    Accounts of high-profit sales of a strong could be studied by an auditor in Receivable Accounts. The info mentioned by them is cross-checked by the auditors with the first sale invoices. Primary risk that exists is that the net receivables may be overstated, because either receivable have already been overstated, or the allowance for uncollectible accounts has been understated. Revenue Recognition Audit ensures that the company’s account balance mentioned is legitimate.

    Accrued/Deferred Revenue:

    While recording revenue, firms may incorporate accrual or deferrals. Auditors stay skeptical regarding accruals and deferrals to ensure the real transactions are mentioned and don’t contain wrong invoices.

    What are the Prerequisites for a Revenue Recognition auditor?

    An Auditor is needed to have complete knowledge of complications prevailing in revenue recognition’s auditing and accounting. Active participation of employees must certanly be fostered by the auditors for smooth auditing.

    Internal control in an organization is a continuous process to collect, analyze and update information during an audit. Thus mandating internal control; because the responsibility of an auditor. An Auditor then evaluates the appropriateness of finances.

    Before initiating Auditing, Auditors should meet with management and the accounting staff to have notion of the timing of the auditing process.

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