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    How to Get a Job in Dubai

    Dubai is possibly one of many last places left in the world where there’s an active jobs market – at least that’s how it feels to numerous living in the UK and the USA where job cuts are now actually the norm as companies feel the economic pinch and rein in spending by cutting back staff.

    Consequently, there’s active fascination with working overseas, and one particular location where there is of focus is Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East. The town and emirate of the same name supplies a tax-free lifestyle to international employers, and what’s more, the sun typically shines in Dubai and the life-style is incredibly luxurious.

    These factors add up in the location’s favour, as does the fact that although suffering from the global credit crisis, Dubai employers still have jobs designed for well-qualified individuals from all over the world in several industries…

    If you’re looking to move abroad to call home and work for a time period and you fancy the notion of a tax-free salary and a really exciting lifestyle, then Dubai could well be the top choice for you. But how will you get work in Dubai – after all, it’s a location quite a distance away for most of us, and one where you will need a job to truly have a visa to go and live there? Well, you can find numerous ways of finding gainful employment in one single of the very most vibrant locations on earth, and they include the next: –

    1) Visiting an employment expo – in certain countries on earth where Dubai recruits heavily from, including the UK, you can find annual employment expos. These give one the opportunity to attend and meet up with potential employers in your given industry, see what types of jobs are available with which salary package, talk to relocation experts and even understand how to get a visa to proceed to live and work in Dubai. For all these expos are just how directly into a new life and career in Dubai. They marry employers with job seekers, they offer those wanting work with the visa they require to proceed to the emirate and occupy employment, and what’s more, they’re probably the smallest amount of hassle solution to at least get your name and resume known with recruiters in your particular employment sector. Take a look at local and national press for details of any expos happening near you.

    2) Using a recruitment company – you can find specialist recruitment companies dealing in hiring western staff for the UAE and Dubai in particular, there are also specialist recruiters for given industries including the oil and gas industry, teaching or medical professions, and there are also general recruitment firms that operate the whole world over. You can access these companies online and target those most applicable to you. Outline your CV and a covering letter and always follow-up with a phone call and learn about what the recruitment company can perform for you. Remember, it is in their finest interests to place you as they then win their fee or commission, so assist them to find the correct work for you.

    3) Targeting employers remotely – you’ll find out which companies are functioning in Dubai in your given employment sector. You can do so because of the Internet or through networking within your industry. When you have the contact details of companies that you may work for in Dubai, you’ll need to make contact with each one of these subsequently and learn about any open positions that you could be suitable for. Many companies have listings of vacancies online – others have details of their personnel and recruitment departments. All these details is invaluable to someone looking for a job in Dubai. In the event that you contact companies with work application or by just sending in your resume and a covering letter detailing your skills and how and why you wish to work for the organization under consideration, ensure you follow-up with a phone call and be proactive in ensuring the organization considers you seriously and at least keeps your precisely file for any jobs in the future.

    4) Visiting Dubai and looking for work – the ultimate approach for those absolutely committed to locating a job in Dubai is always to secure a call visa for a short-term visit to Dubai and then go door to door targeting recruiters and employers. It could be wise to setup meetings and interviews prior to your visit, and observe that the weekend in Dubai runs from Friday to Saturday and that public holidays in the emirate are based on the Muslim calendar – so schedule amount of time in the emirate at the perfect point where you are able to circumvent and see as many individuals as possible. Always have copies of your organization card, CV and a covering letter about you to ultimately hand, and push yourself forward if you are determined to discover a job and live and work in Dubai as competition is heating!

    Rhiannon Davies writes about living, working and finding jobs in Dubai for the international lifestyle website ShelterOffshore.com – essential advice for people who want to work, live or invest abroad.

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